Adolescent Health and Youth Development
  • Serves youth from age 10 to 19 which includes abstinence education, community involvement, health education, clinical services and life skills to help them succeed in adulthood.
College immunizations
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information.
HIV Testing
  • The DeKalb County Board of Health provides confidential HIV testing. Standard testing is available with results given in two weeks. A “rapid test” referral can be provided when needed.
Immunizations for school
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information.
Mental health services
  • Contact the DeKalb County Community Service Board at 404-294-3834
    for more information.
Mothers Offering Resources and Education
  • The program is a FREE service and is for pregnant women and women who have an infant less than one-year-old In the program, you will be matched with a trained Resource Mother
School health program
  • Call for more information.
Sexually transmitted disease(STD’s)
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information.
Sports Physicals
  • East DeKalb Health Center 770-484-2600
  • North DeKalb Health Center 770-454-1144
Substance abuse prevention
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information.
Travel Immunizations
  • Our program offers screenings and travel immunizations for people traveling to other countries. We will help you make your trip is a healthy one.
Tobacco use prevention
  • The tobacco use prevention program educates the community on the health effects of tobacco use, secondhand smoke, and how to eliminate them from our environment. It also provides a referral to cessation resources within
    DeKalb County.