Become a Condom Distribution Partner

The Get HIPP 2 HIV Campaign provides residents access to free male and female condoms through clinics, community partners, and local businesses. The following describes the qualifications your business or organization must meet to participate.

Get HIPP 2 HIV Condom Campaign Community Partner Qualifications and Requirements

A Community Partner is any clinic, hospital, community center, business or other organization that participates in the Get HIPP 2 HIV Condom Campaign. Community Partners provide free condoms for their patrons/clients and the general public.

In order to qualify as a Community Partner, an organization must able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Provide condoms free of charge to their patrons/clients and the general public.
  2. Allow condoms to be taken freely, without harsh restrictions or barriers. In other words, you cannot limit the number of condoms a person takes.
  3. Make male and female condom available and, accessible and marketing materials clearly visible and easy to access. Get HIPP 2 HIV Condom Campaign signage must be present.
  4. Be open to providing or receiving STI/HIV/AIDS education and referrals for/to their patrons/clients (and to the general public if possible).

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