• The DeKalb County Board of Health’s Ryan White Early Care Clinic has well-trained staff specializing in HIV and AIDS to help meet your needs. The team of experts – physician, nurse, psychiatrist, dentist, dental hygienist, social workers and counselors – work together to provide quality services to persons with HIV.
Immunizations / flu shots
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information.
Infectious diseases treatment and investigation
  • The Office of Infectious Diseases is responsible for the prevention, detection, control, and investigation of potential infectious diseases and clusters of illness, excluding sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
Injury prevention
  • The Office of Injury Prevention identifies the leading causes of injury and injury-related death to persons of all ages. Two coalitions, Safe Kids of DeKalb and Safe Communities of DeKalb, work to develop and implement prevention programs to reduce injuries and injury-related death.
Mental health
  • Contact the DeKalb County Community Service Board at 404-294-3834
    for more information.
Mammograms/Pap smears
  • Call 404-294-3762 for more information
Refugee health services
  • Refugee Health Services provides screening for newly arrived refugees (within 90 days of arrival) for chronic diseases, communicable diseases and impairments. Any abnormalities are evaluated and treated or referred for treatment. DeKalb County Board of Health provides education and an introduction to other agency services.