Public Health Nurse

Test your public health knowledge

1) Public Health:

  1. Prevents epidemics and the spread of disease, protects against environmental hazards, and prevents injury
  2. Conducts health education programs to encourage healthy behaviors
  3. Responds to disaster and assists communities in recoveries
  4. Formulates and implements policies in order to improve the quality of health in the community
  5. All of the above

2) The major health challenge for public health today is:

  1. To combat chronic and degenerative disease (i.e. obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc)
  2. Ensure access to safe and clean air, water, and food
  3. Prevention of early death due to infectious disease
  4. All of the above

3) The core functions of public health as stated in the 1988 IOM report are:

  1. Program development and implementation
  2. Infectious disease control, immunization administration, and disaster planning
  3. Assessment, policy development, and assurance
  4. Health education, case management, and community outreach
  5. None of the above

4) According to the CDC, what is the #1 greatest achievement in
public health history?

  1. Fluoridation of drinking water
  2. Control of infectious disease through sanitation efforts
  3. Development of immunizations
  4. Development of antibiotics

5) Worldwide, what is the second leading cause of death due to
an infectious disease?

  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Bacterial meningitis
  4. Influenza

True or False

6) Public health nurses may provide direct clinical services to individuals, formulate policy development, and contribute to the communities’
disaster/emergency plan.

7) Population-based public health nursing focuses on the individual level of care and provides direct clinical services.

8 ) Primary prevention focuses on well populations and is implemented before disease occurs.