Public Health Nurse

What is a public health nurse?  How does he/she make a difference in our society?  What type of patients or populations do they serve?  What exactly is public health?

The answer to these questions and many more can be found by navigating through this website.  The Public Health Nursing website explores the vast array of opportunities and careers of a public health nurse.  In addition, the website will guide you through the history of public health, the importance of public health today, public health infrastructure, and various other aspects related to public health.

To navigate through the site, simply click on the link at the bottom right of each screen, or if you would like to skip around to specific sections use the navigation on the left of each page.

Also, the pre-test at the beginning of the orientation will help you to assess your current knowledge about public health.  Assess your knowledge, and then navigate through the course in order to find the correct answers.  Have fun!


  1. To increase student awareness about the importance of public health in history and in today’s society.
  2. Upon completion of the orientation, the student will be able to define the three core functions of public health and the application of those functions in today’s public health practice.
  3. The student will become more familiar with the practice of public health nursing and the various opportunities available to the public health nurse.