The Administration Division is the central business, the fiscal and administrative arm of the DeKalb County Board of Health. The division provides management and fiscal support to all Board of Health divisions, departments and programs. The Administration Division staff is responsible for the financial, human resources and training, internal services, including purchasing, contracts, records and facilities and information technology and telecommunications management and oversight for the Office of the Director, including Marketing and Business Development, Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness, and Community Health Assessment and Prevention Services (CHAPS) divisions. The Vital Records Department of the Administration Division serves as the Vital Registrar for birth and death certificates for DeKalb County. Administration’s primary customers also include state, local and federal government contractors and vendors.

The Administration Division staff also maintains the agency’s employee intranet website. The employee intranet site serves as a common resource of information for employees by providing easy access to payroll and benefits information, policies and procedures, training schedule and other relevant information.

The administrative divisions include:

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for management of the financial operations of within the Board of Health which includes establishing, tracking and reporting of all financial transactions within the Board of Health. The main functional areas include budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, general accounting and payroll. One of the major functions is reporting financial activity to the state. By law, we are affiliated with the state and are under contract for performing health, prevention and promotion services in DeKalb County.

The Board of Health fiscal year for the state is July 1 through June 30. Finance is also responsible for tracking of DeKalb County’s fiscal year of January 1 through December 31 for county contributions. In addition, the Board of Health receives federal funds, which have a fiscal year from October 1 through September 30. Finance is also responsible for fiscal management of numerous revenue contracts with varied contract periods.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment, selection review, transaction processing, staff development and training coordination, employee and position record maintenance, employee relations and mediation, reporting and specialized services and projects. The DeKalb County Board of Health consists of approximately 500 employees including state, district-assigned and county supported positions.

Information Technology Department

The DeKalb County Board of Health Information Technology (IT) Department maintains and supports the agency’s Local Area Network (LAN) and connection to the State and the County. The Information Technology Department supports and maintains the Board of Health’s Financial, Internal Services, Human Resources/Payroll and Vital Records systems that run on a Microsoft Server 2000 platform. The IT Department also supports the Patient Care Management System (PCMS) in support of the clinical services provided by the CHAPS Division, the Environmental Health web-based system, which is replicated to four (4) locations around the country and the Vital Records system. The Board of Health has an extensive Local Area Network (LAN), as well as being part of the Georgia Online Network and Groupwise, which is the State’s e-mail system. The Information Technology Department also encompasses the telecommunications function of the agency.

Internal Services Department

Internal Services directs, manages, plans, approves and monitors support operations. These operations require coordination with all Board of Health management and employees, internal and external vendors and consultants, and various metropolitan Atlanta civic, cultural, advocacy, educational, private sector business, municipal, county, state and federal organizations.

Facilities Management

The current enterprise consists of over 300,000 square feet of buildings located throughout DeKalb County. As stated in the Official Code of Georgia, Title 31 Health, Section 31-3-9 Office quarters and equipment, “the governing body of the county shall provide the county board of health with quarters and equipment sufficient for its operation” (Code 1933, 88-209, enacted by Ga. L. 1964, p. 499, 1). DeKalb County-owned facilities include the T. O. Vinson Health Center, Eleanor Richardson Health Center, South DeKalb Health Center, North DeKalb Health Center, East DeKalb Comprehensive Health Center and DeKalb-Atlanta Human Services Center.

These buildings and several other facilities are the responsibility of the Facilities Management Office. Internal Services is responsible for the safety, comfort, cleanliness, security, aesthetics and functionality of the buildings. The department communicates and coordinates efforts directly with the county government’s Facilities Management (FM) office, Roads and Drainage Department, Parks and Recreation Department and the state’s Department of Human Resources, as well as privately-owned businesses.

Purchasing and Contracts

Purchasing is the official entity for all purchasing activity within the purview of the Board of Health. The department is responsible for ensuring that all purchasing transactions are accomplished within the minimum standards as set forth in 45 CFR, Part 74, Subpart P, Procurement Standards, the Official Code of Georgia, Annotated, Section 50-5, and with Board of Health purchasing policy. Further, this office ensures that all enterprises have equal and open opportunity to conduct business with the Board of Health. Internal Services, Contracts, is the official entity for all contracting activity within the purview of the Board of Health. The department is responsible for ensuring administrative compliance for all contracts entered into by the Board of Health.

Vital Records

The Vital Records Department is responsible for maintaining birth certificates for children born in DeKalb County and death certificates of county residents. The department is responsible for the issuing certified copies of birth or death certificates according to the fees established by the state Department of Vital Records.