Welcome to dekalbhealth.net, the online home of the DeKalb County Board of Health

The Board of Health works to protect and improve the health of those who live, work and play in DeKalb County. Let me briefly acquaint you with our county and our agency.

DeKalb County’s most striking characteristic is the diversity of both its communities and its people. Although the county is mostly suburban, it includes an urban area (part of the city of Atlanta) as well as rural areas. Also, DeKalb’s more than 660,000 residents represent more ethnic groups than any other county in the southeastern United States.

The Board of Health continually strives to meet the varied health needs of all the residents of DeKalb County. However, we know that creating healthier communities involves what we all do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy.

The Board of Health works with the people of DeKalb County in the following ways:
  • Partnering with neighborhoods, PTAs, civic groups, faith organizations and others to improve health.
  • Tracking health trends so that resources can be focused on the most pressing concerns.
  • Raising public awareness of local health issues.
  • Stopping the spread of disease through education and early detection.
  • Providing services to help people stay well.

I hope that you will explore the DeKalb County Board of Health’s website to learn more about our programs and initiatives. You might be surprised by the scope of our activities. You might even be inspired to learn more about – and contribute to – the public health efforts in your own community.

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