Strategic Alliance for Health

National Focus

Strategic Alliance for Health communities improve community health through sustainable, innovative and evidence-based community health promotion and chronic disease prevention interventions. To do this, Strategic Alliance for Health communities focus on building local capacity to:

  • Institute policy, systems and environmental changes related to promoting physical activity and nutrition and reducing tobacco use and exposure.
  • Improve and increase access to quality health care.
  • Help eliminate racial/ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities.
  • Reduce complications from and the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

DeKalb Focus

DeKalb County has a five year (2008-2013) cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement Strategic Alliance of Health initiative.


  • Policy changes
  • Environment changes
  • Systems changes


  • Schools
  • Community
  • Worksite
  • Health care settings


  • Promote physical activity and nutrition
  • Reduce tobacco use and exposure
  • Build capacity to enable communities to institute systems, environmental, organizational and policy changes

The intervention area  includes: Chamblee, Clarkston, Doraville and  McNair Communities