Live Healthy DeKalb


To build a community network through collaboration and partnership to improve the health of those who live, work and play in DeKalb County.

Live Healthy DeKalb is a group of DeKalb County organizations and residents working to create a healthier DeKalb County.

Our vision is healthy people living in healthy communities

  • Informed and engaged residents
  • Gainful employment
  • Strong health and safety services
  • Access to quality health care for all
  • Clean and healthy environment
  • Lifelong learning opportunities
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Positive media
  • Improved health status for all

Four action groups address community health issues:

Go Green Action Group

Educates the community on environmentally friendly products and promotes recycling initiatives for families and communities to reduce air pollution.

Tobacco Prevention Action Group

Educates the community on the health effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke and advocates for stronger
clean indoor air ordinances and policies. Empowers youth through advocacy and leadership development and promotes community awareness of tobacco advertising practices.

Health Equity Action Team

Seeks to engage diverse communities in dialogue and action aimed at identifying
and eliminating health disparities.
Also advocates for health equity to ensure optimal health for all.

Physical Activity and Nutrition Action Group

Increases awareness and opportunities for physical activity and good nutrition through schools, faith-based organizations and worksite interventions.

Helping the community one project at a time…

We are led by a 25-member Executive Committee comprised of community representatives who interact with over 4,000 members of the DeKalb community.

We provide health information to faith-based organizations on policy, system and environmental change strategies. Nearly 250 churches and faith-based organizations completed a Congregational Wellness Advocates training and 150 health ministries have been strengthened or created.

We provide a platform for community members, stakeholders, and elected officials to collaborate and address the impact of the built environment on health.

We provide education materials for parents to work with their children to improve their nutrition and increase physical activity.

We identified health issues that are important to improve the health of our neighborhoods through a county-wide health assessment.

Five committees support the Live Healthy DeKalb groups

Community Resource Development

  • Builds a network of individuals and community partnerships for Live Healthy DeKalb.
  • Engages grassroots support for initiatives of Live Healthy DeKalb.


  • Informs all persons who live, work, play and/or pray in DeKalb County about Live Healthy DeKalb and resources to improve their health.
  • Recruits new partners and sponsors for the Live Healthy DeKalb coalition and/or one of the action groups/committees and enhances programs and provides services to a broad community base.


  • Supports the involvement of the health community in the legislative process.
  • Helps develop public policy that addresses  physical activity, nutrition and smoke-free environments.
  • Advocates at the federal, state, and grassroots levels for health policies that promote behavioral and environmental changes.

Evaluation and Data

  • Ensures that all programs and services are meeting the needs of the community.
  • Serves as a resource for action groups and other committees by providing evaluation instruments and data requests.
  • Assists action groups and other committees with disseminating data.

Training and Education

  • Provides training opportunities to increase chronic disease prevention, knowledge and skills.
  • Conducts skill inventories of Live Healthy DeKalb members to identify training and education needs.

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