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Office of Chronic Disease Prevention


To promote, protect, and improve the health of those who live, work, and play in DeKalb County.


To use a community-centered approach to reduce the burden of chronic disease in DeKalb County.

Inside OCDP

The Office of Chronic Disease Prevention (OCDP) helps DeKalb County residents live longer and healthier lives. OCDP focuses on preventing diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and hospitalization due to asthma by improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and reducing tobacco use. Within the OCDP, there are five initiatives that are promoted to improve the health of DeKalb County residents. These initiatives are Health Promotion Initiative (HPI), Live Health DeKalb (LHD), School Small Grants, DeKalb Steps, and Strategic Alliance for Health (SAH). If you would like to view examples of these initiatives in action please click here.


Learn more about living an active and healthy lifestyle on www.dekalbhealth.net!

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