Primary functions

Health Assessment and Promotion uses health education tools, best practices, assessment, surveillance and community collaboration to prevent illness and injury and to prepare individuals, organizations and communities to gain mastery over their health and well-being.

What we do:
  • Disease surveillance and outbreak investigation
  • Health data analysis and reporting
  • Chronic and infectious disease prevention
  • Injury prevention
  • Community mobilization/organizing
  • Community collaboration
Two operational units:
  1. Chronic Disease Prevention Program – Uses a community-centered approach to reduce the burden of chronic disease and eliminate health disparities in DeKalb County.  Activities include increasing the number of environmental opportunities for physical activity, increasing the awareness of the dangers of second-hand smoke, and increasing the number of opportunities in DeKalb County for healthy eating.
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  2. Injury Prevention Unit – Identifies and addresses the leading causes of injuries and injury-related deaths of all persons in DeKalb County. Partners with Safe Kids of DeKalb County and Safe Communities of DeKalb to address driver and passenger safety initiatives, as well as pedestrian safety initiatives.
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