Disease Reporting Requirements for Health Care Providers

The Georgia Department of Public Health, under the legal authority of OCGA 31-12-2 and with the approval of the Department of Public Health, has designated certain diseases and conditions notifiable. The purpose of reportable disease surveillance is to:

  1. identify in a timely way any diseases or conditions that may require immediate public health intervention and follow up;
  2. detect changing trends or patterns in disease occurrence;
  3. identify areas or communities that require special public health response as a result of changes in disease patterns; and
  4. assess and evaluate control and prevention interventions.

In Georgia, public health surveillance is conducted on more than 50 diseases and conditions. The data are collected by local and state health agencies who are responsible for analyzing, interpreting and disseminating the information to “those who need to know” for administrative, program planning, and decision-making purposes.

Special Reporting Requirements
Immediately report outbreak, an unusual occurrence of any disease, or exotic or newly recognized diseases by telephone: 404-508-7851

How to Report in DeKalb County Notifiable Disease Reporting Poster

All Georgia physicians, laboratories and other healthcare providers are required by law to report patients with the conditions listed on the poster to their county health district office, DeKalb County Board of Health. Both lab-confirmed and clinical diagnoses are reportable within the time interval specified. Reporting enables appropriate public health follow-up for your patients, helps identify outbreaks, and provides a better understanding of disease trends in Georgia.

Georgia Notifiable Disease Report Form