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Permits and Inspections

Public swimming pools include those that are operated by an apartment or condominium complex, a neighborhood organization, a hotel or motel, a school system, a fitness center, a residential facility, or a parks and recreation department. Public spas are defined as hot tubs and recreational whirlpools.


New construction or modification

Before building or modifying a pool or spa, a certified pool contractor must submit plans and apply for a construction permit.

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A daily management plan should include water testing and adjusting; maintenance of chlorinators, filters and pumps; and recordkeeping. Children’s pools and spas require extra attention due to their small size. They should be chlorinated more often than standard-size pools or treated with a sanitizing chemical that’s well suited for small bodies of water.

DeKalb County’s regulations for operating a pool, spa, or bathhouse are found here: Requirements for operating a swimming pool, spa or bathhouse.


Inspections and operational permits

Newly constructed and modified pools and spas, as well as those with new owners, must be inspected and receive an operational permit before opening. Operators must submit a:

All seasonal pools and spas must be inspected and permitted prior to opening each year. Year-round pools and spas must be inspected and permitted by March 31 of each year. Operators can request a permitting inspection once they have paid the annual permit fee. Be sure to allow plenty of time for this process.

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To request an inspection:

Operators of public beaches must also request an annual inspection.