Daily operation and management

Filtration, circulation and water balance all play important roles in keeping a swimming pool sparkling clean and safe. Incorporating filtration, circulation and water balance into a management plan is the key to a clean and safe pool. A daily management plan should include water testing, water adjusting, record keeping and routine maintenance of chlorinators, filters and pumps.

Spas and children’s pools

Spas and children’s pools require more attention than standard-size pools because they are smaller bodies of water. To maintain spas and children’s pools, chlorinate more often or use a different sanitizing chemical more suited to sanitizing small bodies of water.

New construction and renovations

Before building or renovating a pool or spa, site plans must be submitted to the Board of Health. The plans must be submitted by a registered engineer and must meet specific requirements in order for a construction permit to be issued. The plans should include hydraulics, equipment specifications, pool depth and fencing.

All requirements related to pool regulations can be found in the Code of DeKalb County Chapter 13, Health Regulations, Article VIII, Swimming Pools, Spas and Bathhouses.