Ensures safe and healthy public swimming facilities to prevent drowning, injuries and the spread of infectious diseases.

Swimming is a fun, active and healthy activity. Nothing can cool you down on a hot summer day like a dive into your local swimming pool. Swimming in fact, is the second most popular recreational activity in the United States and the most popular activity for children.

To make sure your fun is not spoiled by a resulting illness, our Swimming Pool, Beach and Spa Program works with the public swimming facilities in the county to ensure a safe and healthy swimming environment.

Our program provides seminars for pool owners and operators to provide knowledge of the care and maintenance needed to operate a safe and clean facility.  Additionally, plans for any construction or renovation of a swimming facility are reviewed by our staff so that any safety or health concerns can be addressed before a facility is built.

Whenever a pool is open (seasonally or year-round), it is inspected once a month. During the summer over 800 pools, spas and beaches are inspected. Beach water is tested at least once a week during the summer. These inspections ensure proper understanding of pool operation and maintenance of the facilities. The program will also investigate reported swimming pool, spa or beach health and sanitation concerns.

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