Inspects hotels, motels and campgrounds for sanitary conditions and compliance with regulations.

The Division of Environmental Health is responsible for regulating and inspecting nearly 100 tourist accommodation facilities also classified as hotels, motels and campgrounds. The facilities are inspected for cleanliness and sanitary practices as set forth in the Tourist Accommodation Regulation. The inspection process includes observation of proper laundering of bed and bath linens, proper washing of cups and glasses, the absence of rodents and insects and maintenance of other room furnishings.

At least two regular inspections at each facility are conducted each year. More inspections may be performed throughout the year in response to complaints from the public.

The Division of Environmental Health must evaluate the construction of new hotels or motels to be sure it complies with the code through a plan review process. Applications must be completed and submitted along with fee payment to this agency for both new and change of ownership hotels and motels. Once the construction has been completed and Fire Marshal approval has been obtained an inspection may be scheduled.

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