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How will the Tools for Schools program benefit my school?

The Tools for Schools program provides an Action Kit which includes a checklist, videos and problem-solving wheel that assists in minimizing poor indoor quality. The program provides instruction in how to identify, resolve, and prevent indoor air quality (IAQ) problems often through low and no-cost measures. The program also helps to increase productivity for teachers and staff, provides a better learning environment for the students, decreases potential liability problems and encourages effective communication with school administration, parents, and staff.

Is this program currently being implemented in any DeKalb school?

Yes. In fact, DeKalb County Schools System received a Great Start Award for the implementation of the program. Several schools were proactive in implementing the program through training sessions, walkthroughs, management plans, follow-ups and prevention efforts.

Why should our school continue the implementation of this program?

The indoor air quality program will assist in preventing poor indoor air problems that may arise. Failure to prevent or quickly resolve problems can increase the potential for health problems like asthma and other respiratory concerns.

Will this indoor air quality program have a negative impact on my district or school?

The indoor air quality program provides an opportunity to learn, to educate and to prevent a negative impact. The available material in the kit provides comprehensive information about indoor air quality triggers. It also provides a framework for effective communication. The program allows staff to monitor and document efforts through the completion of the indoor air quality checklist for teachers, custodians, administrative staff and school nurses.

Does a school have to implement the all the components of the kit?

While schools may modify the kit, it is recommended that each part of the program should be utilized as a complete concept to achieve the goal of improving air quality in school buildings.

What does it cost to address IAQ issues in a school?

The TFS program provides instruction in how to identify, resolve, and prevent IAQ problems often through low and no-cost measures. Some problems, however, may be identified that require significant corrections, such as repairing a leaking roof or updating the heating and air conditioning system.