Environmental Health

Food Safety

Risk Assessments

DeKalb County’s EH Restaurants department has a unique program offered to smaller, independent operators. The Risk Assessment program involves an assessor visiting the food service establishment and assisting the operator with identifying hazards, classifying the hazards and developing a plan of action to prevent the reoccurrence of those hazards commonly associated with foodborne illnesses.  The Risk Assessment program is not an inspection, but a tool used to help the operator gain a better understanding of food preparation processes in their facility. The food service operator takes the lead in the plan of action and implementing suggested changes.

The Risk Assessor will monitor the operations and note potential problems that are not immediately recognized by the operator.   The risk factors that are most prevalent include improper food holding temperatures, improper cooking temperatures, foods from unsafe sources, cross contamination and poor personal hygiene.

Risk Assessments performed at the establishment are inititated due to failed compliance on inspection reports or new operations designed to assist with preventing risk factor abuse.

If you are a small business operator and a risk assessment has not been conducted for your restaurant please contact (404) 508-7900 for scheduling.