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Food Safety

Ensures food safety and prevents food-borne illness by working with food service facilities through inspections, education and risk assessments.

New Food Service Rules and Regulations effective November 1, 2015!

The new food service regulations: Food Service Rules 511-6-1

Additional required food service documents:

For more information:

  1. Opening a food service operation
  2. Certified Food Safety Manager
  3. Making a complaint
  4. Inspection scores
  5. Understanding the Inspection Report Form
  6. Food Service Rules & Regulations
  7. Food Recalls
  8. Applications for operating a food service establishment
  9. Temporary Events
    1. Temporary Food Service Establishment Operations Checklist
    2. Temporary Food Service Permit Application
    3. Temporary Events Brochure
  10. Imminent Health Hazards РGuidelines for food services operators during a power outage or boil water advisory. Emergency action plan for retail food establishments.

Smoking ordinance

Additional information is also available from the following websites:

ATTENTION: Food Service Operators:

Public Service Announcement Regarding Scams

The Division of Enviromental Health in partnership with food service operators is responsible for assuring food safety and protecting the public from foodborne illness. There are over 2,000 permitted food service establishments in DeKalb County. Food service establishments are inclusive of restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, nursing homes, mobile units, correctional institutions, theaters, bars and lounges. Temporary food service establishments are also permitted by this division and must operate in conjunction with a fair, carnival, or public exhibition not to exceed 14 consecutive days. DeKalb County inspectors are charged with the task of providing periodic, regulatory inspections that include educating the food service operator on the importance of food safety practices. Most inspections are conducted at least twice a year.

In addition, this program is responsible for plan reviews and complaint investigations.