New Environmental Health Fees

Our Environmental Health Division is responsible for reducing the risk of illness and injury related to interactions between people and their environment. Here are a list of the services we provide:

Our Services


Body Crafting

Ensures safety of health issues through education and inspection of tattoo and body piercing establishments.

Food Safety

Ensures food safety and prevents food-borne illness by working with food service facilities through inspections, education and risk assessments.

Hotels and Motels

Inspects hotels, motels and campgrounds for sanitary conditions and compliance with regulations.

Indoor Air Quality

Improves indoor air quality by providing information for homeowners, tenants, property managers and landlords and by assessing schools and businesses.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Eliminates childhood lead poisoning through elevated blood lead level investigations, lead based paint inspections, risk assessments and health education.

Public Health Hazard Investigation

Provides assistance to homeowners concerning public health hazards such as raw sewage, garbage, scrap tire piles, pests and animal waste.

Rabies Control

Enforces home quarantines for cats and dogs, locates persons exposed to rabid animals and alerts the public of rabies outbreaks.

Rodent Control

Investigates rodent problems, identifies conditions that may attract rodents, locates areas that may provide access into homes and assists with control.

Septic Systems

Regulates and monitors residential and commercial on-site sewage management systems to minimize the risk of health problems related to untreated human sewage.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Ensures safe and healthy public swimming facilities to prevent drowning, injuries and the spread of infectious diseases.

West Nile Virus

Works with residents to reduce mosquito infestations and takes an aggressive role in preventing infections of West Nile virus or additional arboviruses.

Environmental Concerns

A matrix of how to report environmental health concerns across the county.