About Vital Records

The Vital Records staff created their desired “future state” by successfully completing an intense Kaizen event in March 2014. Kaizen is a quality improvement tool that systematically uncovers waste in a work process, identifies and develops solutions and quickly implements them.

Our successful team event was presented at a national conference for public health institutes and can be found on PHQIX, a quality information exchange for public health.

As a result of Kaizen, continuous quality improvement in a team environment is now integrated into our daily work, resulting in service to you in 15 minutes or less. This “think like a customer” service is delivered in a newly renovated space located in central DeKalb County, at 445 Winn Way, Suite 191, Decatur, Georgia 30030.

All birth and death certificate records filed with the state are available through the DeKalb County Board of Health Office of Vital Records.

The majority of birth records are completed by hospital staff. Out-of-institution (or home) DeKalb County births are initiated in our office, but DHR Regulation 511-1-3-05 must be explicitly followed to register an out-of-institution birth.

Death certificates are completed by funeral directors and certifying physicians, except in the case of coroner investigations where the coroner certifies the manner of death. Fetal death (spontaneous abortion or stillbirth) certificates are completed by hospital staff and certifying physicians. Induced termination of pregnancy reports are completed by clinic staff.