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Social Network Analysis

The Center for Community Health and Evaluation analyzed the social networks within Live Healthy DeKalb to show the connection among members.

Community Kitchen Guide

A community kitchen allows individuals and groups to gather, prep meals, and learn about cooking and nutrition.

Live Healthy DeKalb

Live Healthy DeKalb is a group of DeKalb County organizations and residents working to create a healthier DeKalb County

Become a health advocate for your congregation

Live Healthy in Faith: A Faith Community Guide to Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity

Office of Emergency Preparedness

Our Office of Emergency Preparedness is responsible for coordinating public health resources to plan for and respond to a major disaster or public health emergency in DeKalb County.
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Office of Epidemiology and Statistics

Provides epidemiological data support, data analysis to promote the health of DeKalb County residents and to prevent, detect, control and investigate potentially infectious diseases and clusters of illness, excluding sexually transmitted, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis.
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News & Press Releases

DeKalb Health Officials to Postpone Drive-Thru Flu ClinicPosted on September 13, 2017
DECATUR, Ga. – Due to lingering hazards and prioritization of resources needed to assist with recovery from Tropical Storm Irma, residents in DeKalb County looking to drive-thru for their flu
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DeKalb Health Centers to Delay Opening on WednesdayPosted on September 12, 2017
DECATUR, Ga. – Due to lingering conditions associated with Tropical Storm Irma, ALL DeKalb County Board of Health locations will open at 10:00 a.m., on Wednesday, September 13. For the latest updates regarding DeKalb County Board of Health operations, visit www.dekalbhealth.net or follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
DeKalb Health Officials Warn Residents of Spoiled Food HazardsPosted on September 12, 2017
DECATUR, Ga. – As many areas in DeKalb County and Metro Atlanta await power restoration, the DeKalb County Board of Health is reminding residents to inspect their freezer and refrigerator
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